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Pre-Installation System Check

This pre-installation check ensures your server environment is ready for setup. It verifies the PHP version, essential PHP extensions, and file/directory permissions, addressing key requirements for a smooth installation.

This section displays the current PHP version of your server and checks if it meets the minimum required version for optimal application performance.
Lists the critical PHP extensions and their statuses (On/Off). Ensures these extensions are installed and enabled for proper functioning of the application.
Verifies the writable permissions for essential directories and files. Ensures that these locations are accessible and modifiable by the application for smooth operations.

Purchase Details

Enter your purchase and user details.

General Setup

Let's start by setting up the general information about your site.

Database Details

Set your database to make a connection

The server where your database is located. Typically "localhost" for local setups or a specific hostname in shared hosting environments.
The port number your database server is running on. MySQL's default is 3306.
The name of your database. Ensure it exists and you've spelled it correctly.
The username used to connect to your database.
The password for the database user. Make sure it is correct.

Mail Settings

The Mail Settings allow the application to send out crucial emails to the users, such as account verification emails, password reset links, and any notifications or alerts. Without proper mail configuration, the application won’t be able to communicate with the users via email, potentially leading to a poor user experience and loss of engagement.

Administrator Credentials

Secure your application with strong admin credentials. These will be your keys to the admin panel where you can manage and customize your application further.

Use a valid admin email for password resets.
Would you like to populate the database with demo content? This can be useful for testing or getting familiar with the platform.